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We are a global management consulting company helping communities around the world.  Whether you are a corporation, foundation, or nonprofit, we are here to help you make an extraordinary impact and change lives for the better.


PG Consulting LLC was founded in 2012 by Patrick Gaston, a pioneer in corporate social responsibility.  Patrick has more than 25 years leading multimillion-dollar community investment projects and humanitarian efforts across the world.


Why PG consulting?

We work with corporations, nonprofits and foundations to build custom strategies and programs to support civic engagement through developing human networks and strategies to improve humanitarian, social and economic impact.  


  • Global reputation, partnership and strategy

  • Executive leadership CSR development, assessment, strategy, and training

  • Foundation  and nonprofit capacity building, advocacy and business development

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion



Our Mission:

PG onsulting provides strategic planning and consulting services to build, develop and execute corporate social responsibility and philanthropy programs across the world. 


Our Vision:

We believe in the power of connecting,  human networks, corporations, government agencies, nonprofits and communities to innovate and drive economic growth and societal advancements worldwide.


Our Customer:

High net worth individuals, companies, foundations and nonprofits seeking expertise in vigorous civic engagement, cross-sector collaborations promoting social and economic impact.

Engagement Strategist


We believe social movements happen through collaboration.  Navigating and identifying key partners is critical for impact.


We partner with philanthropists, corporate and community foundation to ignite advocacy and funding opportunities to create social change.


We serve as advisers to connect with the local communities where one operates. Utilizing our multi-national experience, we catalyze networks across the globe.  


We mobilize employee engagement and volunteer programs to encourage CSR best practices and support social issues employees care about.

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